Yet another benefit for those who join the SouthEast Revolution Users 
Group (SERUG) for our virtual meetings in SecondLife are complementary 
"virtual" Revolution/SERUG t-shirts for our avatars!

Kat has posted a picture of the [avatars of the] 3 founders (who have 
gotten to SecondLife so far) wearing them in the wiki. We look really cool 
too, I might add! ;-)  See and follow the link on 
the home page in the paragraph about "Virtual 
Meetings online".  When you get into SecondLife, contact any of the 
officers about joining the SERUG group, and you'll get your "virtual" 
t-shirt at the same time. What's great is you never have to wash them! :-)

Remember, the reason for utilizing the 3D virtual world 
( is so we can have meetings and conferences that 
are not bound by geographic location. All of you are welcome to join SERUG 
in SecondLife. Hope to see you there.

Kind Regards,

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