I have been following the Game Developers discussion with interest. I am a beginning coder and am doing my best to learn Revolution.

I have a son with autism. I have become a professional in the field of teaching children with special needs and now consult to his own program as well as to other families in the UK who have children with special needs.

These children tend to love computers and, once their abilities are at a sufficient level, they can learn certain skills amazingly well on a computer. Our son is learning to read this way (very fast) and he has used programs to learn many other language skills.

There are some good programs out there, but most I have seen are quite clunky and old-fashioned in terms of the interface and definitely sub-optimal in terms of the teaching technology that is employed. There are a couple of honorable exceptions that are very good indeed.

What I would like to do is to work with a programmer (or a team) to develop software for teaching language and communication to children with autism and other learning difficulties. I would like to learn to code in the process, but I would see my main role as providing the educational structure (the teaching content, strategies, methodologies etc) around on which the programs would be based.

So I am asking: would anyone be willing to talk to me about this? If so, please email either here or off-list. I am very serious about the idea. Rather than seeing it initially as some grand project, I would see it as an effort to produce discrete programs to fulfil specific teaching tasks. at least initially. And as for money, well I wouldn't be asking anyone to undersell themselves. Money is something that would have to be discussed, and no doubt raised. If anyone has any experience of that side of the business, and possibly a track record, I'd be interested in hearing about that too.

I can be much more specific about the kinds of teaching programs I have in mind. This is just an intro.

Thanks guys.

Tony Balazs, MSc, BCBA
Consulting Behaviour Analyst
London, UK

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