Hi Sunidhi,

In case you haven't noticed, this is the Cassandra user mailing list, not the dev mailing list. Most people in this mailing list have never attempted to built Cassandra from the source code. IMHO you should try the Cassandra dev mailing list for this type of things.


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Hi team, any thoughts on this?

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Sunidhi Gaonkar.

*From:* Sunidhi Gaonkar
*Sent:* Thursday, January 11, 2024 7:19 PM
*To:* user@cassandra.apache.org <user@cassandra.apache.org>
*Subject:* Tests failing for ppc64le architecture.

Hi Team,

I am working on validating Cassandra on ppc64le architecture, I have followed the following steps to build Cassandra from source:

1. Install java-17, python3.7, ant, cmake,ninja.

2. Build netty-tcnative and transport-native-epoll from source since jars are not available for ppc64le.

3. Clone Cassandra repository, checked out to cassandra-5.0-beta1.

4. Command used to build: ant

5. Command used to test: ant test

5 tests mentioned below are failing:






I have observed same tests failing on x86 architecture. Please find attached the logs for the failing tests below.

Additionals details:

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6

Any suggestions and pointers regarding the same will be helpful.

Thank you and Regards,

Sunidhi Gaonkar.

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