The “Since Version” for the ticket is set to 3.0.19, presumably based on 
C-14096 as the predecessor for this ticket.

C-14096 was merged up into 3.11.x in the 3.11.5 release, so 3.11.5 would be the 
equivalent “since version” for that release series. The patch addressing this 
ticket is included in 4.0.12+, 4.1.4+, and 5.0-beta2+.

If the question behind the question is an OOM related to repair, keep in mind 
that this ticket’s title is a bit non-specific and will not capture all sources 
of memory allocated during repair or all causes of OOMs.

If you’re running 3.11.x, most members of the Cassandra community would 
recommend upgrading to the latest 4.0.x release at a minimum to take advantage 
of years of stability and performance improvements in the project.

- Scott

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> Hi All,
> Does the same issue mentioned in the above JIRA exists for version 3.11.x
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> Ranju

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