There's many things that can trigger a compaction, knowing the type of compaction can help narrow it down.

Have you looked at the nodetool compactionstats command output when it is happening? What is the compaction type? It can be "compaction", but can also be something else, such as "validation" or "cleanup".

On 28/04/2024 10:49, Prerna Jain wrote:
Hi team,

I have a query, in our prod environment, there are multiple key spaces and tables. According to requirements, every table has different compaction strategies like level/time/size. Somehow, when I checked the compaction history, I noticed that compaction occurs every 6 hr for every table. We did not trigger any job manual and neither did I find any configuration. Also, write traffic is also not happening at fix interval on that tables
Can you please help me find out the root cause of this case?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Prerna Jain

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