Dear XmlBeans community,

I'm having trouble building a project on Linux because of the classes
generated by XmlBeans. The build works properly on a Solaris platform
using the same tools:

Java : Hotspot 1.5.0_16
Ant : 1.6.5

For the XmlBeans version, it comes with Weblogic 10.0:

I hope my problem is not related to Weblogic's version.

So I have an XSD file containing something like:
<simpleType name="MyType">
        <restriction base="string">
                <enumeration value="A cliché"></enumeration>

With Linux, I get this output:
static final Enum A_CLICHÉ = Enum.forString("A cliché");

On the other hand, it produces this on Solaris:
static final Enum A_CLICH\311 = Enum.forString("A clich\351");

The java source code generated on Linux doesn't compile because of an
encoding mess I can't address now, so I'm currently trying to
understand how the code is generated. I haven't found yet which option
leads to either one or the other output that could have different
defaults based on the platform.

I hope someone can help me on this one.

Best Regards,

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