On Mon, 19 Aug 2013, Lott, Christopher M wrote:
We use XmlBeans, code generated from a schema, to read in an XML instance that conforms to the schema and modify it. Read and validate work fine; modify is killing me. For example, change the value of an element, delete an element from a list, etc. I am using Java method calls like removeMyElement(i) to remove the element at position (i). I am not using Cursors or any low-level DOM access.

I would have expected that to work, but I'm not an xmlbeans expert

We thought it would be convenient to walk thru the document, gather a list of elements (i.e., references to XmlBeans objects) that need to be modified or nuked, then iterate over the list changing them. But use of a cached object reference is where I run into the ditch: I get XmlValueDisconnectedException. I read that this means the XmlObject has become disconnected from its underlying store. But I have not discarded the Document!

Are you able to produce a very small unit test (possibly with a dummy schema file) that shows up the problem? People may have more luck in understanding your problem if they can look at some code. If not, at least the "produce a unit test for the bug" part is covered!


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