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As many of you will know, the Apache XMLBeans project is currently destined for the Apache Attic, in large part because the previous PMC [1] (Project Management Committee) is no longer around to provide the required levels of oversight of the project.

It looks like there are still plenty of people around though who want to help with XMLBeans and keep it going, which is great! The next step is to take a proposal to the Apache Incubator to reboot the project. This would be for the Incubator to help the community develop into a new PMC, such as learning more about the Apache Way - our meritocratic way of developing open source software.

I've put together an initial proposal to the IPMC for this, which is available at:

At this point, we need people to volunteer to take part in the rebooted project! If you'd like to help develop the code, develop the website, develop documentation etc, please sign up! To do so, just go to the proposal, edit the wiki, and list yourself in the table near the bottom. (Existing IPMC members please sign up to help mentor!)

People may also want to read through the Incubator Guides, which explain a lot more about the process, the way that software gets developed at Apache, the importance of the community etc. That's all at:

The main thing for now though is for people to sign up on the proposal to help! Sign up, join in, help out :)


[1] http://www.apache.org/dev/#pmc

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