Hi all

i have a starting xsd no editable, from which to generate the Java source
code with XMLBeans. My problem is on the generated java class SubInfo.java.

In the xsd, the element “Nome”, child of the element “SubInfo”, has as type
“Testo70Custom”, but in the generated java code the type is “Testo140”. Is
the xsd poorly written the problem? Or is the process of code generation
the problem?

The correct type is important because in my java code – client side – I use
it to get some attributes of the xsd elements (like max length of string,
to truncate strings in surplus) from the schemaytpe in order to perform the
validation before sending out the message. If the type is wrong, I could
send erroneous messages.

In binary file .xsb generated with XmlBeans,  i see that in the properties
of the element “Nome” there is a difference between the Type
(testo70custom8e3etype) and the Type for Java Signature (testo1405c59type).

The three files are attached to the message.

Thanks for a response


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