Fantastic. Some more questions in-line. <g>
Clinton Begin wrote:


1) Maps classes to tables, and columns to fields.

Don't we do that with iBatis too? Are we saying that mapping classes to tables, and columns to
fields is generally a bad idea?

2) Must support Object Identity

Yes, of course.  Excellent point, thanks!

3) Generates SQL

Agreed. But tools like Hibernate allow for adhoc queries. Could the fact that this "escape hatch" (to allow for ad hoc or "hand written" queries) be taken as an argument that such tools are in fact exactly like iBatis but with /more/ features? (Did I phrase that right?) I guess, what I really want to ask is: what is the trade-off or compromise in the design when Hibernate users begin to use the
ad hoc query facilty?  (There has to be a cost!  :-)  )

SQL Mapping

1) Maps objects (not necessarily a custom type, or even the same type) to statements

Clinton, I am trying to understand this carefully. Don't you mean "map objects to rows of a resultset
created from a statement?"

If so, how is this any different from what Hibernate does with the ad hoc facility.

2) Generally does not support object identity (would be hard to do)

Ok, great.  Excellent point.

3) Allows complete hand coding of real SQL, with full support for nearly all RDBMS features




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