Larry Meadors wrote:

Man, this is a big one, and i am late already..i'll get it started.
Sorry. :) I know Friday's almost over, but I need some ammo for something I am preparing
for next week.

The question is not DAO vs ORM, it is ORM vs Data Mapping.
Got it!

ORM = mapping database objects to java objects (or c#, whatever).
Yeah, tables to java objects.  Cool.

Data mapping = mapping sql *statements* to java objects (c#, blah, whatever).
This is what I am trying to understand. How's this any different from what Hibernate does?

DAO can be used with either ORM or Data Mapping.
Yup. Much like what Spring does by allowing either iBatis or Hibernate to operate as the "data layer"?

More later...

Much appreciated!  Believe me!  I love you guys!  :-D

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