This is a brute force approach and should only done as a last resort.  
Sometimes bouncing the master(s) helps – make sure all of stopped, not just 
failed over to another instance., but it sounds like you have tried that. 


You may be able to force it by manually editing zookeeper  nodes using 
You are editing zookeeper so make sure you have the correct table id and path(s)


Add permission to write in zookeeper using:


zkCli> addauth digest accumulo:YOUR_SECRET


Under /accumulo/INSTANCE_ID/tables/TABLE_ID/state (going from memory, could be 
fate) you can use examine the state


zkCli> ls /accumulo/INSTANCE_ID/tables/TABLE_ID/


there should be mutlple zk nodes, one of which is state (or maybe fate?)


zkCli> get /accumulo/INSTANCE_ID/tables/TABLE_ID/state  


– it should say DELETING.


zkCli> set /accumulo/INSTANCE_ID/tables/TABLE_ID/state  ONLINE


This will force the table back online. After all tablets are accounted for in 
the monitor you should be able to re-issue the delete command via the accumulo 


Ed Coleman


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Lots of bulk ingest assignments. It's been hung for days and even returned 
after a reboot of the master and tservers.


Jeff Kubina



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What is the master doing while the droptable is hung?



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How can I remove or fix a hanging droptable in Accumulo?



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