Hi all

So' I'm facing a problem that I don't really know how to solve. The core 
problem is that Atlas don't process the information in the ATLAS_HOOK topic 
fast enough. So we have a backlog that is growing every day.

As we want to use tag-based security in combination with Ranger, we moved away 
from dropping and recreating the tables in Hive every night when we do our 
sqoop imports to instead do the sqoop import into a temporary table, and then 
truncate and "insert into" the target table. We are doing this for many 1000's 
of tables every night, and many of them have over 1000 columns. This in 
combination with the Column level lineage in Atlas creates a huge workload that 
Atlas needs to process, and it just doesn't handle it.

What I've been trying to do is increase the HBase and Kafka performance to make 
sure that there is no bottlenecks there. Like HBase atlas_titan table is right 
now running evenly distributed over 287 partitions, and I can read all messages 
in the topic in roughly 10-15 minutes. So I don't think that the problem is 
within those two systems.

I like to get some pointer on what to do to increase the performance on how 
fast Atlas is processing the data in the ATLAS_HOOK topic. For example, it 
looks like the NotificationHookConsumer is only running with one thread. Is it 
possible to run this in a multi-threaded setup to be able to process the data 
in parallel? Anything else you can think of that can help me here?

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