Thanks Madhan for answering my questions. I will take a look at the
links / issues you referred and come back if I still have questions.


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 1:06 AM, Madhan Neethiraj <> wrote:
> Ismaël,
> Atlas 1.0 server will continue to support API calls from applications that 
> use Atlas 0.8.x libraries. However, updating an application to use newer 
> version of Atlas libraries might require some code changes - mainly due to 
> the following:
>  1) ATLAS-2251: removal of earlier version of type-system implementation.
>      List of renamed/relocated classes can be found in this JIRA.
>  2) ATLAS-2265: upgrade to use newer version of Jackson libraries
>      References to classes in earlier Jackson library have been replaced with 
> corresponding newer version classes.
> If you run into any specific issue, can you please include details?
> Details of REST APIs in 1.0.0-snapshot version can be found at 
>  The new APIs introduced in 1.0.0 
> are about relationships (RelationshipREST, 
> AtlasEntity.relationshipAttributes). The documentation doesn't include the 
> marker to identity the version the API/attribute was introduced. We will have 
> this information added to API documentation. In the meantime, if you have any 
> specific questions, please reach out to the dev list.
> Hope this helps.
> Madhan
> On 3/5/18, 1:28 AM, "Ismaël Mejía" <> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     We worked with some colleagues in an integration with Atlas 0.7/0.8
>     almost one year ago, I was testing it with the latest releases and it
>     works flawlessly with the latest release 0.8.2. However with version
>     1.0.0-alpha and I found that even if the version seems to still
>     support the first version of the API (v1) all the package are in
>     different places, is this intended ? Because if this is the case well,
>     this breaks a bit the contract of backward compatibility.
>     And a second question, is there a list of features included in version
>     1.0 somewhere, or more concretely on the new v2 API? I have checked a
>     bit at the endpoints of the REST API but I was wondering if there is a
>     more user friendly doc
>     Thanks,
>     Ismaël

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