Aurora is a little bit more difficult to install than e.g. Martathon. However, 
once it is running it is quite stable.

Helpful overview you should read before starting:
General install instructions:
Help with the operator configuration:

Many companies have scripted the deployment for the in-house needs. However, 
Jake was so kind to make their puppet module open source. Maybe this helps you 
to get started as well:

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From: tommy xiao <>
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Date: Monday 17 October 2016 at 02:04
To: "" <>
Subject: anyone can share aurora production setup step with me.

i know aurora is more production step on this scope of mesos. anyone can share 
a aurora deployment step, let me quickly jump in this project.

Deshi Xiao
Twitter: xds2000
E-mail: xiaods(AT)<>

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