Hi,  Thank you so much for your comments! Those were really helpful in making 
improvements to our work :) For question asked by Jesse, we are taking the 
examples from Beam and did not notice any lambda expression there. For us, it 
was surprising to see java in this functional and generic coding styles when 
using beam API. But after getting used to it, its convenience did amaze us.

    On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 4:53 PM, Eugene Kirpichov <kirpic...@google.com> 

 +Aljoscha Krettek for comments on Flink runner
+Thomas Weise likewise for Apex runner

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 4:52 PM Eugene Kirpichov <kirpic...@google.com> wrote:

Hi Claire,
Thank you - happy to see a paper with such a detailed description of your 
experience with both usability of Beam per se and the execution on the Flink 
runner!The paper looks well-written, and, from a quick look at the code, it 
seems to be using the Beam API properly without obvious opportunities for large 
improvement. Great work!
A couple of suggestions:- I think it would be useful to mention explicitly in 
the paper abstract / introduction that you are testing Flink and Apex runners, 
and mention which other runners are currently available, and mention why you're 
testing specifically Flink and Apex. This would be useful to people reading the 
paper without much background in Beam, who might not realize that Beam has many 
different runners with potentially very different performance or level of 
support for features.- As a member of the Dataflow team, I'm curious :) Have 
you considered also benchmarking these pipelines on the Dataflow runner? 
(especially streaming)- For the issues you found that are clearly not "intended 
behavior" (e.g. unacceptably low performance in streaming mode; pipelines not 
working at all with Apex runner, etc.), would it be possible to add JIRA IDs to 
the paper, so that people who read the paper later can look at the JIRA and see 
if it was already resolved?
On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 3:46 PM Jesse Anderson <je...@bigdatainstitute.io> wrote:

Interesting work.
In section 5, you talk about the Java language being difficult. Was there a 
reason you didn't use Java lambdas for your work?
On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 3:40 PM Claire Yuan <clairey...@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

Hi folks,  We are a two-members team interning in Yahoo! Inc who are currently 
evaluating the performances and functionalities of Beam API. We built two 
pipelines using Beam API referencing the default examples. One is sentiment 
analysis and the other one is flight performance analysis. Here attached the 
codes written for the two pipelines and instructions in README about how to run 
it in our framework. We would like to share them with you. Also there is a 
paper we wrote about our evaluation results and our experiences about using 
Beam in the last two months during internship. It will be a great help if you 
can have a look at it and maybe have some comments to us. Thanks!



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