Hi Eugene,

that seemed to be the problem! Thanks a lot!


Eugene Kirpichov wrote:
You typically get this compile error when you have a raw type (e.g. PCollection instead of PCollection<Something>) sneaking somewhere. Perhaps tempPCollection or humPCollection is declared as a PCollection without a type?

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 2:53 AM Steiner Patrick <patr...@steiner-buchholz.de <mailto:patr...@steiner-buchholz.de>> wrote:

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to combine two PCollections<KV<String, Double>> via

    When adapting the sample code

    final TupleTag<V1> t1 = new TupleTag<>();
    final TupleTag<V2> t2 = new TupleTag<>();

    PCollection<KV<K, CoGbkResult>> coGbkResultCollection =
            KeyedPCollectionTuple.of(t1, pt1)
            .and(t2, pt2)

    I do get

    final TupleTag<Double> tempTuple = new TupleTag<>();
    final TupleTag<Double> humTuple = new TupleTag<>();

    PCollection<KV<String, CoGbkResult>> coGbkResultCollection =
            KeyedPCollectionTuple.of(tempTuple, tempPCollection)
            .and(humTuple, humPCollection)

    which results in

    Type mismatch: cannot convert from POutput to

    I guess it's a simple, stupid thing I'm either missing or not
    understanding, when combining my two PCollections to one.

    Any advice is appreciated


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