Has anybody successfully used EC2 Snitch for cross-region deployments on
EC2? Brandon Williams has not recommended using this just yet, but I was
curious if anybody is using it with 0.8.0.

Also, the snitch just let's the cluster automatically discover what the
different regions (aka data centers) and racks (aka availability zones) are,
right? So, does this fix the Amazon NATed infrastructure problem where we
can't use the Amazon external IP as the Cassandra listen address? Cassandra
can only bind to addresses that are attached to the server and the Amazon
external IP is NATed so Cassandra can't see it.

The EC2-Snitch patch was kinda unclear on this:

Also, the nightly builds link to Cassandra seems to be down, has it been

(click on Latest Builds/Hudson link on right):

This link is dead:

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