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From: Sylvain Lebresne []
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 15:02
Subject: [RELEASE] Apache Cassandra 1.0 released

The Cassandra team is very pleased to announce the release of Apache Cassandra 
version 1.0.0. Cassandra 1.0.0 is a new major release that build upon the 
awesomeness of previous versions and adds numerous improvements[1,2], amongst
  - Compression of on-disk data files (SSTables), with checksummed blocks to
    protect against bitrot[4].
  - Improvements to memory management through off-heap caches, arena
    allocation and automatic self-tuning, for less GC pauses and more
    predictable performances[5].
  - Better disk-space management: better control of the space taken by commit
    logs and immediate deletion of obsolete data files.
  - New optional leveled compaction strategy with more predictable performance
    and fixed sstable size[6].
  - Improved hinted handoffs, leading to less need for read repair for
    better read performances.
  - Lots of improvements to performance[7], CQL, repair, easier operation,

And as is the rule for some time now, rolling upgrades from previous versions 
are supported, so there is nothing stopping you to get all those goodies right 

Both source and binary distributions of Cassandra 1.0.0 can be downloaded at:

Or you can use the debian package available from the project APT repository[3] 
(you will need to use the 10x series).

The download page also link to the CQL drivers that, from this release on, are 
maintained out of tree[9].

That's all folks!

[1]: (CHANGES.txt)
[2]: (NEWS.txt)

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