The Cassandra team wishes you a very happy new year 2013, and is very
to announce the release of Apache Cassandra version 1.2.0. Cassandra 1.2.0
is a
new major release for the Apache Cassandra distributed database. This
adds numerous improvements[1,2] including (but not restricted to):
    - Virtual nodes[4]
    - The final version of CQL3 (featuring many improvements)
    - Atomic batches[5]
    - Request tracing[6]
    - Numerous performance improvements[7]
    - A new binary protocol for CQL3[8]
    - Improved configuration options[9]
    - And much more...

Please make sure to carefully read the release notes[2] before upgrading.

Both source and binary distributions of Cassandra 1.2.0 can be downloaded

Or you can use the debian package available from the project APT
(you will need to use the 12x series).

The Cassandra Team

[1]: (CHANGES.txt)
[2]: (NEWS.txt)

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