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> Hi,
> I have a 3 nodes cluster, each with less than 200 GB data. Currently all
> nodes have the default 256 value for num_tokens. My colleague told me that
> with the data size I have (less than 200 GB on each node), I should change
> num_tokens to something like 32 to get better performance, especially speed
> up the repair time. Do any of you guys have experience on

It's not enough to know the volume size, it's important to know the amount
of keys which effect the merkle tree. I wouldn't change it, I doubt you'll
see a significant difference in repair speed and if you'll grow the cluster
you would want to have enough vnodes.

> this? I am running Cassandra Community version 2.0.9. The cluster resides
> in AWS. All keyspaces have RC 3.
> Thanks.
> George.

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