Hi Erza,

Have you a dead node in your cluster?
Because the coordinator stores a hint about dead replicas in the local
system.hints when a node is dead or didn't respond to a write request.


Le sam. 17 sept. 2016 à 00:12, Ezra Stuetzel <ezra.stuet...@riskiq.net> a
écrit :

> What would be the likely causes of large system hint partitions? Normally
> large partition warnings are for user defined tables which they are writing
> large partitions to. In this case, it appears C* is writing large
> partitions to the system.hints table. Gossip is not backed up.
> version: C* 2.2.7
> WARN  [MemtableFlushWriter:134] 2016-09-16 04:27:39,220
> BigTableWriter.java:184 - Writing large partition
> system/hints:7ce838aa-f30f-494a-8caa-d44d1440e48b (128181097 bytes)
> Thanks,
> Ezra

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