Hi Lokesh,

Which version of Cassandra are you using? Which compaction strategy are you

AFAIK, a repair doesn't trigger a major compaction, but I might be wrong

What you could do is to run a repair for a subset of the ring (see `-st`
and `-et` `nodetool repair` parameters). If you repair 1/1000 or the ring,
repairing the whole ring will take ~1000 longer than your sample.

Also, you might want to look at incremental repairs.

If you kill the process in the middle the repair will not start again. You
will need to reissue it.


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> Hi,
> I tried to run nodetool repair command on one of my keyspaces and found
> that it took lot more time than I anticipated. Is there a way to know in
> advance the ETA of manual repair before triggering it? I believe repair
> performs following operations -
> 1) Major compaction
> 2) Exchange of merkle trees with neighbouring nodes.
> Is there any other operation performed during manual repair? What if I
> kill the process in the middle?
> Thanks.
> Lokesh

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