Hi Amir,

I would like to understand your requirement first. Why do you need multiface 
interface configuration mentioned at 
 with single DC setup?

As per my understanding, you could simply set listen address to private IP and 
dont set broadcast_address and listen_on_broadcast address properties at all. 
You could use your private IP everywhere because you dont have any other DC 
which would connect using public IP.

In multiple DCs, you need public IP for communicating with nodes in other DCs 
and thats where you need private IP for internal communication and public IP 
for across DC communication.

Let me know if using private IP solves your problem.

Also, if you have a specific use case for using multiple interface 
configuration, you could add a NAT rule to route your traffic on public IP to 
your private IP (route traffic on Cassandra port only). This could act as a 
workaround till the JIRA is fixed. Let me know if you see any issues with the 


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