where can I change that default location /tmp/lib it is using for creating the 
jar files? 

Cassandra uses Java property java.io.tmpdir as temporary folder. By default 
it's /tmp but can be changed with command line arguments:

cassandra -Djava.io.tmpdir=/path/to/tmpdir

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Hi All,

I faced issue with triggers today. Below is the clear description of the issue:

1) When we planned to use triggers, we placed the triggers.jar file in 
/conf/triggers folder in Cassandra, restarted the Cassandra service and created 
a trigger in CQLSH. Everything was working good as expected.

2) Recently we started getting the below error in Cassandra logs saying 
trigger.jar is missing in /tmp/lib directory folder.

ServerError: <ErrorMessage code=0000 [Server error] 
com.sun.jersey.spi.inject.InjectableProvider: : java.io.FileNotFoundException: 
/tmp/lib/cassandra-8906616690931579554.jar (No such file or directory)">

3) We thought that the jar is corrupted somehow and reloaded the triggers again 
by placing the newly created jar and it worked fine.

4) We saw the similar error in other environments and saw that /tmp/lib folder 
is not present in the server as our open stack servers have a retention policy 
of 15 days and after that it deletes the /tmp/ files. As the /tmp/ files are 
deleted, Cassandra is still pointing to the deleted trigger.jar and not 
allowing the application to insert the records into the table and throwing the 

5) So we came to know like whenever we reloadtriggers, it is creating a new jar 
file in /tmp/lib/ directory as cassandra-8754700968157790389.jar (numbers keep 
changing) and using this jar file for reference but not using the jar that we 
placed in /conf/triggers folder.

6) I just need to know where can I change that default location /tmp/lib it is 
using for creating the jar files? 

Whether I can change that directory location to something else and use for my 
Cassandra servers alone? 

If there is any other solution, it is highly appreciated.

Note: Our management doesn't want to change the /tmp/ directory retention 
policy as it is common for all our servers in all the environments.




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