We have a base table with ~300 million entries.
And in a recent sanity activity, I saw approx ~33k entires(in one DC) which
were in the materialized view, but not in the base table. (reads with
quorum, DCAware)
(I haven't done it the other way round yet, i.e. entries in base table but
not in materialized view)

Could someone suggest a possible cause for the same?
We saw some glitches in cassandra cluster
1. node down.
If this is the case, will repair fix the issue?
2. IOPS maxed out in one DC.
3. Another DC added with some glitches.

Could someone suggest how could we replicate inconsistency between base
table and materialized view. Any help would be appreciated.

C* 3.6
SIddharth Verma
(Visit https://github.com/siddv29/cfs for a high speed cassandra full table

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