Hi Brooke, 

Thank you for your advices. Finally, no technical standards (provided by 
DataStax or Apache) exists for deploying Cassandra in a production environment? 

In comparison with some RDBMS (Oracle, MySQL), some standards (OFA for 
instance) exists and are provided by Oracle. 

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Hi Mehdi, 
In addition, give some thought to your cluster topology. For maximum fault 
tolerance and availability I would recommend using at least three nodes with a 
replication factor of three. Ideally, you should also use Cassandra logical 
racks. This will reduce the risk of outage and make ongoing management of the 
cluster a lot easier. 

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Hi Mehdi, 

You can refer 


On Mon, 17 Oct, 2016 at 10:20 PM, Mehdi Bada 


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Hi all, 

It is exist some best practices when installing Cassandra on production 
environment? Some standard to follow? For instance, the file system type etc.. 


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