Thanks for sending that out Patrick!

Really sad not to have a 2017 summit, but looking forward to 2018

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 5:27 PM, Patrick McFadin <> wrote:

> Hello Cassandra Community,
> I know this is a hot topic so let me TL;DR for those of you looking for
> the short answer. Will there be a Cassandra Summit in 2017? DataStax will
> not be holding a Cassandra Summit in 2017, but instead multiple DataStax
> Summits in 2018.
> More details. Last year was pretty chaotic for the Cassandra community and
> where DataStax fit with the project. I don’t need to re-cap all the drama.
> You can go look at the dev and user lists around this time last year if you
> want to re-live it. It’s safe to say 2016 is a year I wouldn’t want to do
> again for a lot of reasons. Those of us at the Cassandra Summit 2016 knew
> it was the end of something, now the question is what’s next and what will
> it be?
> Having a place for people together and talk about what we as a community
> do is really important. Those of you that know me, know how much I live
> that. When we started talking summit inside DataStax, we realized it would
> be a hot button issue. When I started talking to people in the community,
> it was even more of a hot button issue. Having DataStax run the Cassandra
> Summit was going to cause a lot of heartache and would further divide the
> community with questions and accusations. It’s just much easier to hold a
> DataStax Summit so we are just out there plainly and move forward.
> What DataStax will be doing different.
> We will be moving back to a more regional format instead of the big bang
> single event in San Jose starting in 2018. Fun fact. Almost 80% of
> attendees of Cassandra Summit were from the Bay Area. That means we have
> developers and operators from a lot of other places being excluded which
> isn’t cool. We will also be inviting talks from the Cassandra Community.
> You don’t have to be a DataStax customer or partner to get on the speaking
> list.
> If there is some new group or company that launches a Cassandra Summit,
> DataStax will happily be a sponsor. There are some for-profit, professional
> conference companies like the Linux Foundation out there that just may and
> if so, I’ll see you there. After being involved in making the Cassandra
> Summit happen for years, I can say it’s no small effort.
> There it is. Fire away with your questions, comments. All I ask is keep it
> respectful because this is a community of amazing people. You have changed
> the world over these years and I know it won’t stop. You know I got a hug
> for you wherever we just happen to meet.
> Patrick

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