There are some caveats with coordinator only nodes. You can read about our 
experience in detail 

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The following presentation describes in detail a technique for using 
coordinator-only nodes which will give you similar behavior (particularly 
slides 12 to 14):<>

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I am using different versions of Casandra in my environment where I have 60 
nodes are running for different applications. Each application is connecting to 
its own cluster. I am thinking about abstracting the Cassandra IP from app 
App will communicate to one proxy IP which will redirect traffic to appropriate 
Cassandra cluster. The reason behind this thinking is to merge multiple 
clusters and control the read/write throughput from proxy based on the 
If anyone knows about pg_bouncer for Postgresql, I am thinking something 
similar to that.
Have anyone worked in such a project? Can you please share some idea?


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