There is no magic in speeding up the node addition other than increasing stream 
throughput and compaction throughput.

it has been noticed that with heavy compactions the latency may go up if the 
node also start serving data.

if you really don't want  this node to service traffic till all compactions 
settle down, you can disable gossip and binary protocol using the nodetool 
command. This will allow compactions to continue but requires a repair to fix 
the stale data later.



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Do not stop compaction, you will end up with thousands of sstables.

You increase stream throughput from default 200 to a heifer value if your 
network can handle it.

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Can we stop the compaction during the new node bootstraping and enable it after 
the new node joined?

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Dear All,

Can we make some tuning to make bootstrap new node more quick?We have a three 
DC cluster(RF=3 in two DCs,RF=1 in another ,48 nodes in the DC with RF=3).As 
the Cluster is becoming larger and larger,we need to spend more than 24 hours 
to bootstrap a new node.
Could you please advise how to tune this ?

Many Thanks,
Peng Xiao

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