You can get dropped message statistics over JMX. for example nodetool
tpstats has a counter for dropped hints from startup. that would be the
preferred method for tracking this info, rather than parsing logs

On 2 Nov. 2017 6:24 am, "Anumod Mullachery" <>

Hi All,

In cassandra  v 2.1.15 , I'm able to pull the hints drop and dropped
messages from cassandra.log as below-

dropped hints-->

--> - / has 5 dropped hints,
because node is down past configured hint window."

Dropped messages -->

--> NFO MessagingService 1 MUTATION messages dropped in last 5000ms"

But in Cassandra *V 3.10* , I'm not able to get the cassandra logs as v

I'm not able to get any info from the cassandra logs for dropped hints &
dropped messages. ( I was testing this on Test cluster by stopping the
cassandra services on one of the node , where the hints window is set to 05
Mins and kept the node down for 1 hour , and monitoring the cassandra logs,
but nothing generated on dropped hints on any other nodes in the cluster ).

The only message I found is on the down node is that - "Paused hints

Can some one put some light on this issue on 3.10 , is there any changes in
the hints & dropped messages , logs or the process.

thanks in advance,



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