Latest DSE is based on 3.11 (possibly due to CASSANDRA-12269, but just a guess).

For us (only), none of 3.0+/3.11+ qualifies for production to be honest, when 
you are familiar with having 2.1 in production.

·         3.0 needs more hardware resources to handle the same load => Improved (close/back to 
2.1 level) in 3.11

·         With 3.11.0 we are seeing the following memory leak (at least here, 
but possibly nobody else out there, cause the ticket gets close to zero 
attention *g*):

·         From an operational perspective, the repair area got much more 
troublesome compared to 2.1 when introducing incremental repairs being the 
default in 2.2+

We stay on 2.1 for now.

Just my opinion.


From: Herbert Fischer []
Sent: Dienstag, 07. November 2017 14:35
Subject: Re: Stable Cassandra 3.x version for production

I know that people usually prefers to use the 3.0.x branch because that's the 
one that is underneath DSE.

I've never heard of anyone using Cassandra > 3.0.x on production.

On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 11:29 AM, shini gupta 
<<>> wrote:


Which version of Cassandra 3.x is stable and production-ready?


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