I'm running a cluster of 10 Cassandra 3.10 and I saw a very strange
behavior: after restart, a node won't open immediately
native_transport_port (9042).

After one node restart, the flow is :

- node finishes to read all commitlog,
- update all its data,
- it's visible for other nodes in the cluster,
- wait for random time (from 1 minute to hours) to open 9042 port

My logs are in DEBUG mode, and nothing is written about opening this
port. What is happening and how can I debug this problem?

Output for several nodetool commands are:

- nodetool enablebinary: does not return at all (it just hangs)
- nodetool compactionstats: 0 pending tasks
- nodetool netstats: Mode: STARTING. Not sending any streams.
- nodetool info: Gossip active : true Thrift active : false Native
Transport active: false

Thank you.

Octavian Rinciog

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