Hello all,

I am trying to add a 4th node to a 3-node cluster which is using
SimpleSnitch. But this new node is stuck in Joining state for last 20
hours. We have around 10GB data per node with RF as 3.

Its mostly stuck in redistributing index summaries phase.

Here are the logs:


# nodetool status
Datacenter: datacenter1
|/ State=Normal/Leaving/Joining/Moving
--  Address        Load       Tokens       Owns (effective)  Host ID
UJ   9.73 GiB   256          ?
 36384dc5-a183-4a5b-ae2d-ee67c897df3d  rack1
UN  9.95 GiB   256          100.0%
42cd09e9-8efb-472f-ace6-c7bb98634887  rack1
UN  10.35 GiB  256          100.0%
9fcc99a1-6334-4df8-818d-b097b1920bb9  rack1
UN  8.54 GiB   256          100.0%
9b99d5d8-818e-4741-9533-259d0fc0e16d  rack1

Not sure what is going here, will be very helpful if someone can help in
identifying the issue.

Thank you.

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