Hi All,

For Self Exploring, I am trying to do data modeling for Amazon Video [For
learning purpose] and trying to check, is it possible to do data modeling
for Amazon Video or not.

Below are the details:-
Amazon Video Contains different columns such as:-
1) Video_title  -> One VIdeo One Title
2) Release_year -> One Video One Year
3) Series -> One video, Multiple Series
4) Rating -> Total no. of Rating
5) Description -> One Video one Description.
6) Actors / Supporting actors -> Name contains first_name and Last_name as
well as multiple Characters with Role details.
7) Language -> One Video, Many Language
8) Runtime -> One video One Runtime
9) Genres -> One Video, Many Gener
10) Director -> One Video Many Director
11) Producer -> One Video, Many Producer,

My Query plans are:-
1) Select Video by title
2) Select all videos who released into same year
3) Select vides who released in Particular year range.
4) All video titles in Particular Series.
5) Select videos by language
6) Select Videos by Actor
7) Select videos by Director
8) Select videos by Producer
9) Select Videos by Producer in Specific Year range

Please provide me some details by which I can able to do it and solve it
all queries in coming time.

Nandan Priyadarshi

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