I am currently involved in a project to scale-up an existing Windows Cassandra 
cluster because we are planning to migrate large amounts of historic data. 
However, I am a bit skeptical to keep using Windows for the nodes. I have done 
some research about Cassandra on Windows and found some releasenotes that there 
is official support for Windows since 2.2.x. but since then I cannot find any 
mention of Windows support.

I was wondering what the current state of Cassandra is on windows?

Second question; I we do decide to switch to Linux, would the following 
migration path work? It is vital that there is no downtime for the client 
1. Set-up a new Linux cluster and have our incoming data stream into the 
existing Windows and new Linux cluster.
2. Use the SSTableloader to stream the existing SSTables to the Linux cluster.
3. Switch the endpoint of the application to the new Linux cluster.

Would this work even if we have incoming live data that share the partitionkeys 
with the data that needs to be migrated? Could the timestamps or tombstones 
cause a problem?

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