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My production cluster is running 2.2.8. It is used to store time series data 
with only insertion with TTL, no update and deletion. From the mail lists seems 
TWCS is more suitable than STCS for my use case. I'm thinking about changing 
STCS to TWCS in production. I have read the 
guide(http://thelastpickle.com/blog/2016/12/08/TWCS-part1.html) someone have 

The cluster info:
UN XX.XX.44.149 939.23 GB 256 25.8% 9180b7c9-fa0b-4bbe-bf62-64a599c01e58 rack1 
UN XX.XX.106.218 995.4 GB 256 26.0% e24d13e2-96cb-4e8c-9d94-22498ad67c85 rack1 
UN XX.XX.42.113 905.85 GB 256 23.8% 385ad28c-0f3f-415f-9e0a-7fe8bef97e17 rack1 
UN XX.XX.41.165 859.85 GB 256 23.1% 46f37f06-9c45-492d-bd25-6fef7f926e38 rack1 
UN XX.XX.106.210 1.15 TB 256 26.8% a31b6088-0cb2-40b4-ac22-aec718dbd035 rack1 
UN XX.XX.104.41 900.21 GB 256 23.6% db08f0d7-d71f-400a-85a6-1f637fa839ee rack1 
UN XX.XX.41.95 960.89 GB 256 26.3% cf80924b-885f-42fb-b8f8-f9e1946ec30a rack1 
UN XX.XX.103.239 919.14 GB 256 24.7% c3f883a8-3643-46a1-ac7a-ea1b1046b400 rack1

I plan to use "alter table" to switch STCS to TWCS in production. My concern is:
1. Does the switch have a big impact on cluster performance?
2. To ensure a smooth switch, what could I pay attention to?

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