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????: Re: secondary index creation causes C* oom

1.not sure if secondary index creation is the same as index rebuild

Fairly sure they are the same. 
2.we noticed that the memory table flush looks still working,not the same as 
CASSANDRA-12796 mentioned,but the compactionExecutor pending is increasing.

Do you by chance have concurrent_compactors only set to 2? Seems like your 
index builds are blocking other compactions from taking place.
Seems that maybe postflush is backed up because it's blocked on writes 
generated from the rebuild? Maybe, anyway.
3.I'm wondering if the block only blocks the specified table which is creating 
secondary index?

If all your flush writers/post flushers are blocked I assume no other flushes 
will be able to take place, regardless of table. 

Seems like CASSANDRA-12796 is related but not sure why it didn't get fixed in 

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