Dropped mutations aren't data loss. Data loss implies the data was already
there and is now gone, whereas for a dropped mutation the data was never
there in the first place. A dropped mutation just results in a
inconsistency, or potentially no data if all mutations are dropped, and C*
will tell you this and it's up to your client to respond accordingly (e.g:
re-write the data if it's an idempotent query and your desired CL failed to
be achieved).

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> Hello
> Could the following be interpreted as, 'Dropped Mutations', in some cases
> mean data loss?
> http://cassandra.apache.org/doc/latest/faq/index.html#why-message-dropped
> For writes, this means that the mutation was not applied to all replicas
> it was sent to. The inconsistency will be repaired by read repair, hints or
> a manual repair. *The write operation may also have timeouted as a result*
> .
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