hi everyone

On the development server, I dropped all the tables and even keyspace dropped 
to change the table schema.
Then I created the keyspace and the table.

However, the actual size of the data directory did not decrease at all. Disk 
Load monitored by JMX has been decreased.

After that, Cassandra does not work normally.

The client fails to establish a connection and I see the following exceptions 
in the Cassandra logs.

org.apache.cassandra.db.UnknownColumnFamilyException: Couldn't find table for 
cfId…….org.apache.cassandra.io.FSReadError: java.io.IOException: Digest 
mismatch exception……

After the data is forcibly deleted, Cassandra is restarted in a clean state and 
works well.

Can anyone guess why this is happening?

Thank you in advance.

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