Hello All!

I've got a pretty standard task - to replace a running C* node [version 2.1.15, 
vnodes=256, Ec2Snitch] (IP address will change after replacement, have no 
control over it).

There are 2 ways stated in C* documentation how this can be done:

1) Add a new node, than 'nodetool decommission' [ = 2 data streaming + 2 token 
range recalculations],

2) Stop the node then replace it by setting -Dcassandra.replace_address [ = 1 
data streaming]
Unfortunately, both these methods imply data streaming.

Is there a supported solution how to replace a live healthy node without data 
streaming / bootstrapping?
Something like: "Stop old node, copy data to new node, start new node with 
auto_bootstrap=false etc..."

I was able to find a couple manuals on the Internet, like this one: 
http://engineering.mydrivesolutions.com/posts/cassandra_nodes_replacement/, but 
not having understanding of C* internals, I don't know if such hacks are safe.



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