If you have equivalent number of nodes then use snapshot to backup and then 
restore them on Dev. You will need to create the schema on the Dev box. The 
CFiD will be different so at most you may have to rename the Prod sstable dirs 
to match whats on Dev.

Another method is to use sstableloader if you don’t have an equivalent number 
of nodes.

Otherwise if you can throw away Dev , just take everything from Prod and bring 
it up in a new Dev.

Rahul Singh

Anant Corporation

On Feb 9, 2018, 1:18 AM -0500, Anshu Vajpayee <anshu.vajpa...@gmail.com>, wrote:
> Team ,
> I want to validate and POC on production data. Data on production is huge.  
> What could be optimal method to move the data from Prod to Dev environment?  
> I know there are few solutions but what/which is most efficient method do 
> refresh for dev env?
> --
> C*heers,
> Anshu V

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