On Saturday 10 of February 2018 23:09:40 Dan Kinder wrote:
> We're optimizing Cassandra right now for fairly random reads on a large
> dataset. In this dataset, the values are much larger than the keys. I was
> wondering, is it possible to have Cassandra write the *index* files
> (*-Index.db) to one drive (SSD), but write the *data* files (*-Data.db) to
> another (HDD)? This would be an overall win for us since it's
> cost-prohibitive to store the data itself all on SSD, but we hit the limits
> if we just use HDD; effectively we would need to buy double, since we are
> doing 2 random reads (index + data).

Considered putting cassandra data on lvmcache?
We are using this on small (3x2TB compressed data, 128/256MB cache) clusters 
since reaching I/O limits of 2xHDD in RAID10.

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