Thanks for your help,

I'been biased with Cassandra server and forget about the client completely!

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Why did you set the number of 1000 threads?

Does it show to be the more performatic when threads = auto?

I have used stress tool in a larger test bed (10 nodes) and my optimal setup 
was 24 threads. 

To check this you must monitor the stress node, both the CPU and I/O. And give 
it a try with fewer threads.

Lucas Benevides


2018-02-18 8:29 GMT-03:00 onmstester onmstester <>:

I've configured a simple cluster using two PC with identical spec:

 cpu core i5 RAM: 8GB ddr3 Disk: 1TB 5400rpm Network: 1 G (I've test it with 
iperf, it really is!) 
using the common configs described in many sites including datastax itself:

cluster_name: 'MyCassandraCluster' num_tokens: 256 seed_provider: - class_name: 
org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleSeedProvider parameters: - seeds: 
"," listen_address: rpc_address: endpoint_snitch: 
Running stress tool:

cassandra-stress write n=1000000 -rate threads=1000 -mode native cql3 -node, 
Over each node it shows 39 K writes/seconds, but running the same stress tool 
command on cluster of both nodes shows 45 K writes/seconds. I've done all the 
tuning mentioned by apache and datastax. There are many use cases on the net 
proving Cassandra linear Scalability So what is wrong with my cluster?

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