Hey Kenneth,

I think it’s great that you’re working on improving the Cassandra
documentation. As a user, I thank you. This really is a pain point.

I have one suggestion: I feel like the process of improving that
documentation belongs on the dev mailing list, and the end-result belongs
on user. This would help improve the signal/noise ratio in my inbox.

Thank you again for helping to improve Cassandra,

On Fri 23. Feb 2018 at 21:34 Kenneth Brotman <kenbrot...@yahoo.com.invalid>

> To the amazing people of DataStax,
> The DataStax website is a little unwieldy as it tries to support open
> source Cassandra and DataStax’s version.  Meanwhile some of that
> information would help fill in the Apache Cassandra web site.  If you would
> like to work on this, I’m up for it.
> Kenneth Brotman

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