>  What we did have was some sort of overlapping between our daily repair
> cronjob and the newly added node still in progress joining. Don’t know if
> this sort of combination might causing troubles.

I wouldn't be surprised if this caused problems. Probably want to avoid

with waiting a few minutes after each finished execution and every time I
> see “… out of sync …” log messages in context of the repair, so it looks
> like, that each repair execution is detecting inconsistencies. Does this
> make sense?

Well it doesn't, but there have been issues in the past that caused exactly
this problem. I was under the impression they were all fixed by 2.1.18

Additionally, we are writing at CL ANY, reading at ONE and repair chance
> for the 2 CFs in question is default 0.1

Have you considered writing at least at CL [LOCAL_]ONE? At the very least
it would rule out if there's a problem with hints.

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