Well it’s not like that. We don’t just purge. There are business rules which 
will decide the records to be purged or archived and then purged, so cannot 
rely on TTL.


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Sounds like you are using Cassandra as a queue. It's an antibiotic pattern. 
What I would do would be to rely on TTL for removal of data and use the TWCS 
compaction strategy to handle removal and you just focus on insertion.
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      Wanted the community’s feedback on deciding the schedule of Archive and 
Purge job.
Is it better to Purge a large volume of data at regular intervals (like run A&P 
jobs once in 3 months ) or purge smaller amounts more frequently (run the job 

Some estimates on the number of deletes performed would be…upto 80-90K  rows 
purged in 3 months vs 10K deletes every week ??



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