Hi Kunal,


That version of Cassandra is too far before me so I’ll let others answer.  I 
was wonder why you wouldn’t want to end up on 3.0x if you’re going through all 
the trouble of migrating anyway?  


Are both data centers in the same region on AWS?  Can you provide yaml file for 
us to see?


Kenneth Brotman


From: Kunal Gangakhedkar [mailto:kgangakhed...@gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2018 2:32 PM
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Subject: Adding new DC?


Hi all,


We currently have a cluster in GCE for one of the customers.

They want it to be migrated to AWS.


I have setup one node in AWS to join into the cluster by following:



Will add more nodes once the first one joins successfully.


The node in AWS has an elastic IP - which is white-listed for ports 7000-7001, 
7199, 9042 in GCE firewall.


The snitch is set to GossipingPropertyFileSnitch. The GCE setup has dc=DC1, 
rack=RAC1 while on AWS, I changed the DC to dc=DC2.


When I start cassandra service on the AWS instance, I see the version handshake 
msgs in the logs trying to connect to the public IPs of the GCE nodes:

    OutboundTcpConnection.java:496 - Handshaking version with /xx.xx.xx.xx

However, nodetool status output on both sides don't show the other side at all. 
That is, the GCE setup doesn't show the new DC (dc=DC2) and the AWS setup 
doesn't show old DC (dc=DC1).


In cassandra.yaml file, I'm only using listen_interface and rpc_interface 
settings - no explicit IP addresses used - so, ends up using the internal 
private IP ranges.


Do I need to explicitly add the broadcast_address? for both side?

Would that require restarting of cassandra service on GCE side? Or is it 
possible to change that setting on-the-fly without a restart?


I would prefer a non-restart option.


PS: The cassandra version running in GCE is 2.1.18 while the new node setup in 
AWS is running 2.1.20 - just in case if that's relevant




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