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> Hello.
> For questions to Datastax, I recommend you to ask them directly. I often
> had a quick answer and they probably can answer this better than we do :).
> Apache Cassandra (and probably DSE-Cassandra) can work with 8 CPU (and
> less!). I would not go much lower though. I believe the memory amount and
> good disk throughputs are more important. It also depends on the workload
> type and intensity, encryption, compression etc.
> 8 CPUs is probably just fine if well tuned, and here in the mailing list,
> we 'support' any fancy configuration settings, but with no guarantee on the
> response time and without taking the responsibility for your cluster :).
> It reminds me of my own start with Apache Cassandra. I started with
> t1.micro back then on AWS, and people were still helping me here, of course
> after a couple of jokes such as 'you should rather try to play a
> PlayStation 4 game in your Gameboy', that's fair enough I guess :). Well it
> was working in prod and I learned how to tune Apache Cassandra, I had no
> other options to have this working.
> Having more CPU probably improves resiliency to some problems and reduces
> the importance of having a cluster perfectly tuned.
> Benchmark your workload, test it. This would be the most accurate answer
> here given the details we have.
> C*heers,
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> 2018-04-04 9:44 GMT+01:00 sujeet jog <>:
>> the datastax site has a hardware recommendation of 16CPU / 32G RAM for
>> DSE Enterprise,  Any idea what is the minimum hardware recommendation
>> supported, can each node be 8CPU and the support covering it ?..

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