Without looking at the code I'd say maybe the keyspaces are displayed
purely because the directories exist (but it seems unlikely). The process
you should follow instead is to exclude the system keyspaces for each node
and manually apply your schema, then upload your CFs into the correct
directory. Note this only works when RF=#nodes, if you have more nodes you
need to take tokens into account when restoring.

On Fri., 6 Apr. 2018, 17:16 Affan Syed, <as...@an10.io> wrote:

> Michael,
> both of the folders are with hash, so I dont think that would be an issue.
> What is strange is why the tables dont show up if the keyspaces are
> visible. Shouldnt that be a meta data that can be edited once and then be
> visible?
> Affan
> - Affan
> On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 7:55 PM, Michael Shuler <mich...@pbandjelly.org>
> wrote:
>> On 04/05/2018 09:04 AM, Faraz Mateen wrote:
>> >
>> > For example,  if the table is *data_main_bim_dn_10*, its data directory
>> > is named data_main_bim_dn_10-a73202c02bf311e8b5106b13f463f8b9. I created
>> > a new table with the same name through cqlsh. This resulted in creation
>> > of another directory with a different hash i.e.
>> > data_main_bim_dn_10-c146e8d038c611e8b48cb7bc120612c9. I copied all data
>> > from the former to the latter.
>> >
>> > Then I ran *"nodetool refresh ks1  data_main_bim_dn_10"*. After that I
>> > was able to access all data contents through cqlsh.
>> >
>> > Now, the problem is, I have around 500 tables and the method I mentioned
>> > above is quite cumbersome. Bulkloading through sstableloader or remote
>> > seeding are also a couple of options but they will take a lot of time.
>> > Does anyone know an easier way to shift all my data to new setup on
>> DC/OS?
>> For upgrade support from older versions of C* that did not have the hash
>> on the data directory, the table data dir can be just
>> `data_main_bim_dn_10` without the appended hash, as in your example.
>> Give that a quick test to see if that simplifies things for you.
>> --
>> Kind regards,
>> Michael
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